Specialised and experienced M&A consultancy

Clear focus

On mid market technology


Managed, Digital Transformation, Infra, Desktops, Privacy & Security

Cloud and Managed Services.
Public Cloud, Hybrid Solutions, SAAS, Projects, Consultancy

Hosting and DataCenters
Internet Service Providers, IAAS, Datacenters, CDN, Connectiviteit

Software and Solutions.
Software Development, I.P., A.I., Apps, Oursourcing, .NET, Open Source

Industrial Automation and Installation.
Robotization, Software Development, Simulatie en Installatie, Expertise, Systeemintegratie, Measurement, Detection, Simulation

Sustainability and energy.
Smart Grid, Storage, Solar. Consultancy, Innovation, Mobility

Education and media.
E-learning, Content and content management, software, planning and management, digital learning tools, training, certification, audits and organizational processes.

Market experts

MESH operates from a deep understanding of the business, market and technology.

MESH understand both market and business, and works closely together with shareholders and entrepreneurs. MESH manages the proces on all relevant variables: primary drivers like valuation and transaction structure, as well as:

Company culture and future integration.

Longer term value creation.

Continuity and customer and employee satisfaction.


Active mandates and assignments

What else can we do

Market analysis and searches

MESH performs dedicated searches on a regular basis. This is one of the ways in which we support ambitious companies in their growth strategy and acquisition processes.


We carry out similar assignments for investors and / or (foreign) M&A-consultants.

Get to know us

MESH is the partner for ambitious companies.

MESH is the experienced specialist, with an active and always up-to-date network and knowledge base. MESH materializes your growth strategy and M&A ambitions.